Refunds & Returns Policy

1. Introduction

This Return and Refund Policy shall only be applicable for home delivery shopping via GBT Trading Sdn.Bhd. (

2. Application for Refunds/Returns

Subject to the term and condition in the Refunds and Return Policy , Buyer may apply return of the purchased item(s) and/or refund prior to the expiry of our shop Guarantee Period.

3. Period of Refunds and Returns

The item(s) will only be available to refunds/returns in within 7 days after the date of item(s) purchased.

4. Requirement of Refunds and Returns

If the Buyer(s) wanted to returns and refunds the item(s), please contact to our customer service / administrator to confirm the item(s) are available to refunds; either, bring the item(s) and the receipt to our shop(s) in completed piece.

5. The item(s) are accepted refunds/returns in condition of:

  • The item(s) are physically damaged before used.
  • The item(s) are received incompletely.
  • The item(s) has not been received by Buyer.
  • The received item(s) are not match to the Buyer ordered.
  • If the order(s) charged more than the value of item(s), GBT Trading Sdn.Bhd. will refund the difference to the Customer

6. Order Delivery Issue

If any item(s) which not included in the Customer’s Order is deliver to Customer, GBT Trading Sdn.Bhd. shall collect the item(s) from the Customer.


7. Refunds Process

The Buyer will only be refunded after GBT Trading Sdn.Bhd. has received the returned item(s) and confirmed the condition of item(s). The refund will be made to Buyer’s designated credit/debit card, whichever is applicable.

8. Risk of Returns Process

The Customer shall be responsible for the risks and condition of the item(s) to be returned until it reaches our company destination. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to the item(s) prior to the item(s) is received by us. The Customer are advise to pack safely to prevent any loss/damaged or its box or original packaging.

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