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Durian Cookies 榴槤香饼 (320g)



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Product details of Durian Cookies 榴槤香饼 (320g)

  • 成份:小麥粉、麥芽糖、食油、鹽、榴蓮、糖、水。
  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Maltose, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar, Durian, Water
  • Net Weight: 320g (40g x 8pcs)
  • 讓香餅保持香脆, 可收藏於冰箱結冰處,要享用時, 只需將餅取出待解凍後再次烤熱大概1至2分鐘即可食用。
  • Store in refrigerator, when enjoy, just take out and baked about 1-2 minutes.
  • Nutrition Facts Crude Protein, N x 6.25 (g/100g) 5.69 Crude Fat (g/100g) 10.1 Carbohydrate by Difference (g/100g) 75.6 Energy Value 420

Specifications of Durian Cookies 榴槤香饼 (320g)

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1 x Durian Cookies 榴槤香饼 (320g)

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