Collagen Nourishing Soup 胶原羹 (480g)


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  • 天然膠原蛋白·滋補養顏珍品膠原羮

    Collagen Nourishing Soup

    Natural Collagen, Nourishing Beauty Treasures

  • 成份:雪燕、珍珠桃膠、雪蓮子(皂角米)、黃冰糖Ingredients: Snow Swallow, Peach Resin, Saponin Rice, Brown Rock Sugar.
  • Net Weight / 淨重:480g (60g x 8 bags)
  • 《膠原羹》是本公司精挑細選,由最潔白的雪燕、最清潔(無需多次換水浸泡)的珍珠桃膠,及最高級的皂角米,搭配最健康的黃冰糖組合而成的滋補養顏食品。植物膠質是極其珍貴的營養補品,具有很多保健價值,適合超重肥胖者、產後體虛婦女食用,對糖尿病患者也有幫助。Collagen Nourishing Soup is carefully selected nourishing product by our company, from the best quality of Snow Swallow, the cleanest ( no need to change water soaking )Pearl Peach Resin, and the premium quality of Saponin Rice, combined with the healthiest yellow rock sugar. Plant Collagen is an extremely precious nutritional supplement with many health benefits. It is suitable for overweight and obese people and women with postpartum physical deficiency. It is also helpful for diabetic patients.

    雪燕 Snow Swallow


    雪燕具有以下功效:1. 滋陰潤喉2. 排毒養顏3. 滋潤皮膚,對皮膚乾燥很有幫助4. 潤肺生津,有助紓緩口乾,咽乾,乾咳5. 可以潤腸通便,促進排毒,令皮膚白滑無痘痘。

    Snow Swallow is commonly known as “civilian bird’s nest”, which is the pith secretion of Sterculia trees. The main production areas are in Myanmar and Yunnan. Myanmar has been eating snow swallows for more than 1,000 years. It used to be a nourishing and rare food for the royal family. The beauty effect of Snow Swallow is like bird’s nest, but the price is much lower than that of bird’s nest, and everyone can afford it.

    珍珠桃膠Pearl Peach Resin


    Peach Resin is a resin secreted from the peach tree body. It is a kind of pure natural gum. It is rich in collagen. It has the effects of nourishing human body, clearing away heat and relieving cough, ventilating blood and anti-aging.

    皂角米Saponin Rice


    The Saponin Rice is the seed of the acacia tree growing in the wild mountains. The main producing areas are in Yunnan and Guizhou. It is a high-energy, high-carbohydrate, low-protein, low-fat food, rich in dietary fiber.

  • 食用方法:1:先把小袋中的雪燕、珍珠桃膠及皂角米一起倒入碗中,浸泡過夜(或至少8個小時)。浸泡過程無需換水,完成後備用。




    1: Pour the snow swallow, pearl peach resin and saponin rice in the sachet into the bowl and soak overnight (or at least 8 hours). There is no need to change the water during the soaking process and it will be used after completion.

    2: Add appropriate amount of water to the soup pot, add yellow rock sugar and red dates, wolfberry, longan, snow fungus, etc, boil for about half an hour, add in the ready soaked snow swallow, pearl peach resin and saponin rice.

    3: Continue to boil for about 10 minutes and then turn off the flames. The delicious and nourishing collagen soup is ready to serve.

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    Collagen Nourishing Soup 胶原羹 (480g)
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